Saturday October 16, 2021

Is it safe?

September 21, 2021

The unilateral cancellation of the ODI series by the New Zealand cricket team has perplexed all cricket fans. Before this tour, officials from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and New Zealand visited Pakistan to check its security and were satisfied.

The recent stopover of Europeans and Americans from Kabul also proves that Pakistan is safe. Pakistan's government should look into the matter and clarify the situation on the international level to ensure that other teams are not deterred from coming here.

Fatah Ali Maree Baloch



This refers to the sudden cancellation of the New Zealand cricket team’s tour to Pakistan. According to New Zealand’s prime minister, a ‘credible’ threat was received. Not surprisingly, anger surfaced among cricket fans in Pakistan against New Zealand. Social media warriors took to venting their anger online, but a little introspection is recommended.

The day after the team’s departure, a video of Maulana Aziz from Lal Masjid, threatening police officers began circulating on social media. There is no denying that such lawlessness is alarming. The situation after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has also become significant for Pakistan, even though it hosted foreign diplomats in chaotic circumstances in the best possible manner. Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is a former cricket star, should look into the threat and ensure that the country is safe for all visiting teams.

N Abid