Tuesday September 21, 2021

Police looking for woman, harasser after video clip emerges

August 02, 2021

A video clip has emerged on social media that shows a motorcyclist harassing a woman travelling in a rickshaw near the Zainab Market on Abdullah Haroon Road in Karachi’s downtown Saddar area.

The woman can be heard warning the man on the motorbike that she would complain to the police helpline 15 Madadgar, following which the motorcyclist sped away. Police, however, said that they were looking for the woman in the video clip because she was yet to file her complaint against her harasser, adding that they were also looking for the motorcyclist.

Last month a similar video clip had emerged, following which a man on a motorbike was arrested for harassing a woman travelling in a rickshaw on Sharea Faisal. The woman had uploaded the video of her ordeal to Facebook, following which it was widely shared on social media, prompting the police to take action against the culprit. The video showed the culprit chasing the woman while riding a motorbike. Some of his accomplices were also seen with him, riding on other motorbikes.