Sunday September 19, 2021

CM Mahmood Khan promises better health facilities

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said that the KP government is taking steps for providing better health facilities to the people of the tribal districts.

An official statement quoted him as having said that recruitment of new healthcare staff would help improve healthcare service delivery in the merged areas.

He added that efforts were underway to ensure the availability of medical equipment, medicines and other allied facilities in the healthcare units of the merged areas.

The chief minister said as part of the measures to provide basic healthcare facilities to the people in merged areas doctors and other medical staff are being hired for the healthcare service delivery outlets.

The recruitment of as many as 1,263 medical staff of different cadres has recently been completed for the merged areas, he pointed out. Mahmood Khan said the hiring includes 26 specialist doctors, 53 emergency medical officers, 251 medical officers, 481 nurses and 452 paramedics.

He explained that the medical staff had been recruited under the Accelerated Implementation Programme during the current year.

Under the programme, recruitment of additional 74 specialist doctors, 166 emergency medical officers, 49 medical officers and a number of paramedics is also in progress which would be completed very soon, added the chief minister.