Tuesday September 28, 2021

Dasu power project: People of Kohistan pledge to provide security to Chinese workers

Dasu power project: People of Kohistan pledge to provide security to Chinese workers

MANSEHRA: The people of Upper Kohistan on Monday vowed to provide security and protection to the Chinese nationals working on the 4300 megawatts Dasu Hydropower project.

“The people of Kohistan didn’t allow miscreants to enter into the area when the militancy and terrorism was on its peak. And we will not allow such elements to sabotage the Dasu Hydropower project and other mega schemes,” Maulana Abdul Wahab, a member of Dasu dam affectees’ committee, told reporters.

Flanked by other members of committee having a representation of around 90 percent affectees’, he said that the security agencies should urgently wrap up the probe into the Dasu bus explosion and take to justice those responsible for the gruesome incident.

“We would never allow enemies of Pak-China friendship to sabotage this mega energy project as we consider this attack on Chinese nationals as an attack on Kohistanis,” Maulana Wahab said.

Ghulab Khan, another elder, said that the people of Kohistan were highly satisfied with the highly professional approach shown by the law-enforcement agencies and administration after the Dasu bus explosion.

“This is a mega project in the energy sector and would bring prosperity in the area,” he said. Another member of the committee, Abdul Jabar said that they would never allow militants to sneak into Kohistan.

“We welcome the withdrawal of the Pakistani employee’s termination notification by the company working on the Dasu hydropower project and are optimistic that it would shortly resume the execution of the project,” he said.