Thursday December 02, 2021

Rain emergency declared in South; clearing of drains expedited in East

July 12, 2021

The administration of the South District Municipal Corporation (DMC) has declared a rain emergency in its jurisdiction, while the administration of the East DMC has expedited the clearing of storm water drains, including the nullah under the Nursery flyover and the one at Jehangir Road.

The district’s deputy commissioner, who is also the administrator of the South DMC, has issued a high alert to all the departments concerned in accordance with the forecast of the Pakistan Meteorological Department regarding a new spell of torrential rains expected in Karachi from July 15.

Municipal Commissioner Akhtar Ali Sheikh has cancelled the leave of the relevant officers and staff members to deal with any emergency situation so that timely steps can be taken to avoid possible damage due to rains, ensuring the drainage of rainwater and the immediate redressal of public grievances.

An emergency control room on Rafiqui Shaheed Road near Haqqani Chowk, at the head office of the South DMC, is already working in three shifts so that citizens can contact them when needed.

Administrator Irshad Sodhar said that heavier rains are expected this monsoon, so effective arrangements have been made keeping in view the need to protect the lives and properties of the people in terms of rainwater drainage and sanitation works.

The municipal commissioner said that for immediate redressal of public grievances, the emergency centre, the staff of the parks, building & roads and mechanical & electrical departments, including the sanitary and sewerage staff, have the necessary equipment, including open trucks, tractors, dewatering pumps and cesspool.

During the rainy season, all the officers will be present in the field along with their staff in three shifts during 24 hours, with special instructions to keep the drainage machines in good condition in the low-lying areas. The horticulture department will take effective measures for the immediate removal of signboards and falling trees.

In the East district, on the directions of Municipal Commissioner Shoaib Ahmed Malik, the choking points of nalas at University Road and in the Gulshan neighbourhood are also being cleared.