Thursday December 09, 2021

Two kidnappers killed in Shikarpur

June 17, 2021

SUKKUR: The Shikarpur Police killed two most-wanted criminals in Napurkot, Shikarpur district.

The police busted a gang of dacoits in Napurkot area of Shikarpur district, who were shifting hostage Suharo Pahore, to another place. The kidnappers opened fire after they saw the police approaching them, and when the police opened fire in their defence, it left two wanted dacoits Arab alias Jhirki Teghani and Jabbar Teghani dead. Two kalashnikovs were also recovered from their possession. The police also succeeded to safely recover the abducted person. The police alleged the criminals were wanted for killing police personnel, highway robberies, street crimes, kidnappings for ransom and others.