Tuesday September 27, 2022

A unique collection of free verse

June 14, 2021

Iqbal Qaiser’s poetry collection ‘Maseeha Koi Naheen’ is very philosophical and one can comprehend it not just by words, but way beyond that. There is the force of poignant metaphors, melodic touches, and evocative emotional jerks. Along with the depth of vision and openness of expression, the poet echoes creatively his intense passions.

Through purity of passions, the poet fully synthesise reason and sense. At a time of great turmoil, poverty, unemployment, starvation, corruption, class difference, exploitation of women and children, tyranny, massacres, aggressive wars of powerful nations against undefended and unarmed nations, Qaiser’s poetry does the work of reformation.

Poetry has the power to inspire change. Qaiser uses it to explore the potential for change in society. Although the change is yet to happen, he encounters the moment before the change, pauses to take stock, considers and prepares for what is next. In it, he anticipates a future movement or event.

His poems Lamhayay Mojood, Husnay Alamtaab, Dhooaan, Rukhsat Aay Bazmay Jahan, Kahmir Aur Modi, Majbooray Wafa, Modi Sahib Kay Leeyay, Woh Kon Thi, Dua, Guldaan, Tarkeebay Madawayay Ghum, Sohni Dharti, Saat Surr, Stephen Hawking Kay Leeyay are really heart-rending and heart-touching.

Qaiser Iqbal takes love for human beings as his life’s goal. He identifies the relationship with human beings as a part of his faith. Qaiser Iqbal is not only an artist who colors his concepts, observations, and experiences with the stroke of a painter’s brush but also being a music enthusiast intertwines his poetry with it.

His poems are the voice of helpless and oppressed human beings and smash to smithereens the tyrants. He is an advocate of the common person. His poetry helps in times of challenge and bolsters in periods of unease. His poems teach us to be true and real human beings who must come out of one’s own skin to serve humanity.

We have entered an era where our emotions consume us, our ideologies divide us, our culture binds us, and our beliefs build barriers. Yet we all share a humbling commonality with all others. Qaiser’s poetry collection teaches us to become more human amid the chaos that surrounds us.

Qaiser’s poetry speaks to the human in all of us and reminds us that it is easy to forget that we are all the same. It is important to appreciate our differences because it is a great reminder of how much we have in common in desiring a life worth living.

Each poem in his poetry collection flows well and there is a nice variety of length, and structure. His poetry is inspiring, uplifting, heartwarming, and enlightening. At a time of political uncertainty and societal chaos, when opinions on all sides appear fragmented rather than unified, readers find in his words a particular comfort.