Wednesday October 27, 2021

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May 16, 2021

—- the usual confusion over the sighting of the moon and how we are the only country which announces the celebration long after everyone else or even a day later. People say it was a blessing that Ramazan began on the same day throughout the country and it’s great that Eid will also be celebrated on the same day but we really need to get our act together so that everyone is not waiting with bated breath to hear the announcement to begin their preparations.

—- the report that nurses, without whom no healthcare system can deliver quality care, are either moving abroad for better pay and living conditions or leaving the profession, which is alarming as there is already a shortage of nursing staff I the country. People say unless nurses are given the respect and consideration that is given to other women in the medical field, this trend will continue as unfortunately the nursing profession is looked down upon by many bigoted persons.

—- the shocking news that 24 passengers who were kept in isolation after testing positive for Covid-19, had gone missing from the Peshawar Police Hospital where they were kept in a quarantine facility as a precautionary measure and this was possible with the permission of the staff of the hospital. People say while most passengers were recovered, they may have already infected other persons and this is an example of extremely careless behavior by the staff and questions their integrity.

—- our two faced and hypocritical society which has put an adult-comedy series on the top spot on Pakistan’s most-watched list of shows by those viewers who watch shows on streaming channels. People say with discussions on sex and sexual wellness being taboo in the country, questions of hypocrisy on the part of the majority of viewers naturally cropped up and Pakistani Twitter was quick to condemn the popularity of the show, especially during the Holy month of Ramazan.

—- how the ban on cigarette promotion to protect public health is constantly being violated by illicit cigarette manufacturers with no action taken by the law enforcement agencies. People say the anti-tobacco lobby is having a tough time trying to make the government raise taxes and make cigarettes more expensive, as well as urging authorities to crack down on smugglers, which is something they appear reluctant to do, raising questions as to why - corruption or negligence of duty?

—- the news that the Sindh police were reprimanded by a judge for arresting those who had violated SOPs, questioning their intent and in conclusion releasing all those who were involved in the case with a warning. People say the judge was correct because for law-enforcement authorities to lock people up to save them from imminent danger and then exposing them to it anyway by not making them wear masks and flouting the SOPs themselves is mindboggling, to say the least. — I.H.