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Subsidised items for journalists at RPC today

April 10, 2021

Rawalpindi : The journalist community could purchase all eatable items including sugar and ghee on subsidised prices from Rawalpindi Press Club (RPC) on Saturday (today).

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) will send all eatable items including sugar and ghee to RPC for the journalist community.

The USC will start ‘Special Ramazan Discount Package’ from April 10 (today).

The USC Regional Manager (Rawalpindi Circle) Raja Zulqarnan told ‘The News’ that they would send all eatable items to the journalist community. The journalist community could buy all eatable items on subsidised prices from RPC today, he said. Our loaded trucks will reach RPC at about 11:30 a.m on Saturday, he claimed.

He said that the journalist community could buy sugar, wheat flour, pulses, gram flour, dry dates, rice, tea, oil, ghee, basin, beverages, and tetra pack milk at subsidised rates. “We are providing 1-kilogram sugar at Rs68 and 1-kilogram ghee packet at Rs170,” he said.

‘Ramazan Help Package’ from USC starts from 10 April at all utility stores in the country with a fixed price and available stock, where subsidy on 19 essential products up to 10 to 15 per cent.

According to the official source, the subsidy has been increased for ordinary people this year compared to previous years, and the current government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has also instructed the management of all stores to set up an effective price control mechanism and to ensure the availability of essentials items used daily during Ramazan.

All basic food products are now available at stores, at fixed prices 10 to 15 per cent lower than the open market, which will continue till the end of Ramazan.

The current government assistance package was aimed at providing basic food items and commodities at subsidised rates through the country’s 4,000 stores of the USC.

“USC is committed to maintaining transparency in the corporation and will provide quality items to customers across the country under the PM emergency relief package.”

“There will be no shortage of food products as the situation is under control and efforts are being made to further increase management’s inventory,” USC Regional Manager (Islamabad) Naveed Nasrullah said.

He said that consumers of the federal capital, Islamabad are buying eatable items from utility stores in bulk on regular basis. “All eatable items are selling at subsidised prices,” he claimed.