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Two killed in Nilor, body found in Khanaa

By Our crime correspondent
April 15, 2020

Islamabad: Two people were riddle with bullets in the jurisdiction of Nilor police station, as a result of old enmity, police said Tuesday.

The attackers identified themselves as police personnel and intruded into the house of Mubashar.

The culprits including Zahid, Raheel, Anjum and Qisam knocked at the door of Mubashar and introduce themselves as police personnel and opened indiscriminate firing at Mubashar and his father.

Resultantly, both Mub­ashar and his father succumbed to bullet injuries and died on the scene.

Meanwhile, body of a man found in the limits of Khana Police station here on Tuesday.

Identity of the body was ascertained as Jameel Masih s/o Salamat, resident of Soham, said police adding that with appearance, the body appears to an addicted person. In last two days, it is second body which has been found in the capital city.