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Fahad Mustafa's 'ridiculous' remarks about BTS spark backlash

Fahad Mustafa is being slammed on social media over his remarks about BTS

By Web Desk
June 21, 2022
Fahad Mustafas ridiculous remarks about BTS sparks backlash
Fahad Mustafa's 'ridiculous' remarks about BTS sparks backlash

Fahad Mustafa is being slammed on social media over his remarks about his daughter Fatima being a die-hard fan of BTS – one of the most famous K-pop groups.

Mustafa, joined by Mahira Khan, appeared on Gup Shup with Fuchsia to promote his upcoming film Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad where he weighed in on his kids’ interest in their dad’s projects.

The well-known actor shared that his 11-year-old daughter "doesn't really care [about him] anymore” but his son makes efforts to get his dad’s attention.

"He tries a lot and sometimes over-loves because I'm close to my daughter and now him. So regardless, he follows me without a purpose. Fatima, she's a BTS fan so she doesn't care,” he said.

When asked about his daughter’s favourite song of the septet, Mustafa said that it’s his ‘choice’ to not take an interest in Fatima’s obsession with the group.

"I called them Behind The Scenes band and she responded with 'no papa!' It's...I don't know Bangtan So.. something, I don't know.

"She speaks Korean, she doesn't speak Sindhi, what is wrong with these people?" he said.

Mustafa’s remarks have created a buzz among Pakistani ARMY – K-pop band’s official fandom, as they dubbed the actor ‘ridiculous’ for not respecting his daughter’s taste in music.

"Who are you to disrespect other languages and every individual has the right to whom they like or dislike," one fan wrote.

"Making her feel guilty and inferior in front of the whole media and making fun of her choices is just so ridiculous," wrote another.

A third fan tweeted, “Fahad Mustafa if you're soo genuinely curious about Kpop then maybe research? Why everyone is so in love with their content? What makes their content worth watching? And then maybe you'll realize what makes your content trashy and unlikeable.”