Monday May 23, 2022

Royal family's emphasis on public image proven through Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew created "controversy" after being embroiled in a sexual assault scandal

By Web Desk
January 23, 2022

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The royal family seemingly care about their public image given their life on the spotlight as well as how they handed Prince Andrew due as he stirred up "controversy".

According to royal historian Carolyn Harris, the Queen's move to remove the Duke of York's military and royal patronages indicated that the Firm no longer wants itself involved with the case.

For the unversed, Prince Andrew is set to face accuser Virginia Giuffre in court over her allegations of sexually abusing her multiple times when she was just 17 as she was trafficked by his friend Jeffery Epstein.

"There's a very strong emphasis in the public iconography of the Royal Family on the direct line [to the throne] and an emphasis on distancing themselves from more junior members of the Royal Family if they are creating controversy," she said.

"For a number of years, certainly after that disastrous [BBC] interview in 2019, it's been very clear that he's not going to be able to return to an active public role within the Royal Family,

"Certainly, a number of his patronages made clear they wanted to distance themselves from Prince Andrew going forward following that disastrous interview …. so the announcement that he will formally no longer have this public role, that he will not use the title of [His Royal Highness], comes across as the culmination of a very long process."