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Prince Harry's bold move triggers heated debate

Prince Harry's decision about his family sparks reactions

By Web Desk
June 12, 2024
Prince Harrys bold move triggers heated debate
Prince Harry's bold move triggers heated debate

Prince Harry's bold decision about his family has sparked reactions from royal fans and critics.

The Duke of Sussex, who has been granted an appeal this week following February's decision over his security in the UK, has become talk of the town for his police protection demand.

Harry, who claimed to be "unable to bring his wife Meghan or their two children to the UK due to safety concerns", has been granted an appeal by the courts.

However, Harry's decision to knock the court's doors for his and family's protection in the UK, has triggered a debate on the social media and famous TV shows.

Royal author Angela Levin, on GB News, lambasted the Duke's "arrogance" over the ongoing court battle after it was also claimed Harry had "tried to jump the queue" to get the appeal heard sooner.

According to Levin, the British public would be "very annoyed" if Harry is allowed a certain level of protection around the world .

"I can't see how you can keep on going back again and again and again, but he's very determined. He's absolutely determined," the author claimed.

Mark, in disagreement with Levin, argued that Harry "is the King's son" and needing the level of security he requires was "not a choice he's made", but it is his birthright.

Mark asked: "Doesn't he deserve the best protection? How would we feel as a country if, God forbid, something happened to Harry?"

Levin responded as saying: "If he comes for anything to do with the Royal Family, he has the best protection. If he comes to see friends or to do something that's got nothing to do with the royals, he has grade two or grade three.

"If you step down from being a royal, you can't expect the same sort of attention that you get if you're not, and you can't actually control it."

Levin continued: "He doesn't get that. But you have to accept that, you can't take it out of the Government. It's just not right. He can pay for it if he wants to for himself, but he can't actually expect us to pay for him and his family all the time."