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Randeep Hooda expresses disappointment over lack of Bollywood support for 'Extraction'

Randeep Hooda discussed reaching out to his previous collaborators for job opportunities

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April 03, 2024
Randeep Hooda complains ‘nobody’ from Bollywood supported him when he did Extraction
Randeep Hooda complains ‘nobody’ from Bollywood supported him when he did 'Extraction'

Randeep Hooda expressed disappointment on not receiving any support from Bollywood during his involvement in Extraction

During an interview with Siddharth Kannan, the 47-year-old actor expressed his discomfort in seeking work opportunities and highlighted his independence from any particular camps in Bollywood.

He further mentioned feeling uneasy about reaching out to Karan Johar for work opportunities.

The Kick actor said, “What support am I even supposed to ask for? Everybody’s busy with their own work. The industry isn’t some animal. It’s a large entity. I’m also a part of it. A lot of people guided me on this project, a lot of my old directors. So, I don’t understand what help I’m supposed to ask for."

"Am I supposed to ask for money? I would love for people to watch my movie, and to not get drowned by the political overtone that it has been assigned.”

Moreover, Randeep mentioned that he didn’t anticipate any social media posts from industry peers regarding the film because no one acknowledged him, even when he was part of the high-profile Netflix movie Extraction, which featured Chris Hemsworth.

The actor said, “I must’ve had one of the meatiest roles in history (for an Indian in Hollywood), but nobody said anything. But yes, sometimes a pat on the back is a good thing."