Saturday December 09, 2023

Sophie Turner wasn't prepared for marriage and parenthood- Exact split reason?

Sophie Turner's ex Joe Jonas reportedly taken on the role of primary caregiver

By Web Desk
September 04, 2023
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonass Divorce: Inside the real reasons behind their split.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's Divorce: Inside the real reasons behind their split.

Sophie Turner revealed few years back that she initially wasn't fully prepared for marriage and parenthood, but her husband, Joe Jonas, was eager to move forward. 

After the birth of their first child, she expressed her contentment with having just one child for the time being. 

However, Joe expressed his desire for another child, leading them to expand their family once more.

According to TMZ reports, for the past three months, Joe Jonas has taken on the primary caregiver role for their two young children, even while his band has been on tour across the United States. 

After just four years since their fairy-tale wedding, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's once-strong relationship appears to be on shaky ground. 

Reports suggest that the beloved couple, who were once inseparable, have been grappling with "serious problems" over the past six months. 

Comments expressing sentiments like "true love doesn't exist anymore" have become prevalent on various social media platforms, reflecting the public's deep interest in their situation.