Wednesday October 04, 2023

Prince Harry ‘hasn’t had a career in a while’: ‘Can’t even hide his age’

Prince Harry has just been bashed for ‘showing off his unhappiness’ across the pond

By Web Desk
June 05, 2023

Experts believe Prince Harry keeps trying to make his happiness a 'top priority' but "everyone else is losing their patience with him" in the process. 

These thoughts and insights have been brought to light by royal commentator and author Mary Madigan.

Madigan believe that while “Prince Harry’s been having a hard time, no one feels sorry for him, and I blame the cost-of-living crisis.”

She even added a little quip amid her accusations, and said, “Inflation is at 7 per cent and I am about 3 per cent invested in Harry’s happiness right now.”

After all, “You only have to step into a supermarket and look at the price of tomatoes for all your empathy for Harry to be drained from your middle class body.”

Especially since “Harry’s currently at a weird point in his life, I’d say career, but well … he hasn’t really had one.”

In Madigan’s eyes this is only exuberated by the fact that “Harry fell out with his family, is in an ongoing feud with paparazzi and can’t seem to find a haircut that hides the fact he is going as bald as Bruce Willis.”

“At this point it seems like he is one bad day away from wearing a fedora and dressing like Guy Sebastian when he was a judge on The Voice.”

“Harry is trying to find himself and everyone else is losing their patience with him.”