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Emmy-winning series 'Succession' wraps up with explosive finale

Succession’s jaw-dropping finale on Sunday evening, left viewers in shock and disbelief

By Web Desk
May 30, 2023
Succession’s jaw-dropping finale on Sunday evening, left viewers in shock and disbelief
Succession’s jaw-dropping finale on Sunday evening, left viewers in shock and disbelief 

The fourth and final season of HBO's highly acclaimed drama Succession has come to an end, finally answering the central question for dedicated fans: Which of the Murdoch-esque Roy family siblings will emerge victorious? 

If you haven't watched yet, consider this your spoiler alert.

The massive 88-minute finale, which aired on Sunday evening, left viewers stunned as the story of the billionaire media mogul and his children's battle for control of the family company, Waystar Royco, reached its conclusion.

Surprisingly, none of the Roy siblings came out on top!

What started as a series-long rivalry among the three key siblings escalated into a physical altercation. A heated argument turned into a wrestling match, with the nihilistic Roman declaring the trio as "nothing" in the end. 

Meanwhile, Shiv's estranged husband, Tom Wambsgans, emerged as the new chief executive, with Cousin Greg standing by his side despite last-minute betrayals.

In the closing shot of the finale, Kendall is seen staring hopelessly towards the water as the credits roll.

Minutes after finishing the show, Jennifer Gould, an Oregon-based trusts and estates lawyer, exclaimed, "I put my marker down on Tom and Greg, and I was right."

Comparing recent prestigious TV finales, Succession falls in line with the likes of The Sopranos, which famously ended with a sudden cut to black and the song Don't Stop Believing in 2007. Both shows generated intense discussions and left some aspects open to interpretation.

However, Succession itself left lingering unanswered questions. Did the controversially endorsed far-right presidential candidate, Jeryd Mencken, actually become the President? Will the GoJo deal reach its finalization? Can Tom and Shiv salvage their marriage?

"I will be thinking about this for a while," reflected Gould.

Pamela Soin, a management consultant in New York City, had been following every episode with a group of friends throughout the season.

Soin expressed her opinion, saying, "If they didn't pick one of the siblings, I feel like it was the closest thing to a succession."

"A lot of people will be very upset with this ending," Soin added.

The conclusions of popular TV series can be a mixed bag. For instance, the intense and violent ending of Walter White's journey in Breaking Bad back in 2013 generally pleased the particular fan bases. However, the final season of Game of Thrones in 2019, which marked the grand finale of an HBO series, was generally met with disappointment.

Crafting satisfying endings is no easy task, and it's common for viewers to feel let down.