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Prince Harry leaking ‘slow-release vengeance’: ‘Such inherited privilege’

Prince Harry has cased confusion among experts who wonder if the Duke is issuing ‘slow-release vengeance’

By Web Desk
February 06, 2023

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Prince Harry has left fans wondering if his accusations in Spare is “setting the record straight,” or if he’s “giving the gossip mill another spin?”

This claim has been brought to light by writer Raven Smith, in their piece for Vogue Online.

The writer started everything of by questioning Prince Harry’s motives with Spare and wondered, “Readers and critics are divided on whether this tome is an exploration of what it means to be the spare to Britain’s most famous heir, a study of a life lived in a palace with more leaks than the Titanic, or a form of slow-release vengeance.”

“It’s hard, at times, to see if Harry is seething with inherited privilege or pragmatically critical of his own gilded cage. Is he setting the record straight, or giving the gossip mill another spin?”