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Alec Baldwin ‘trying to stay strong’ but ‘nothing prepares for this: Source

Alec Baldwin trying hard to ‘stay strong’ amid charges but ‘nothing prepares for this’

By Web Desk
January 21, 2023

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Since being charged with manslaughter, Alec Baldwin has hard at work attempting to ‘stay strong’ for his wife and kids.

An insider has also stepped forward to offer some insight into the couple’s changed dynamic since the announcement and believe them to be “utterly devastated”.

The insight has been brought to light by inside sources close to People magazine. 

They started off by saying, “They were prepared for all outcomes, but nothing can quite prepare you for this. They are really leaning on each other and trying to keep their focus on the kids.”

Before concluding the source also added, “Hilaria has been Alec's rock throughout all of this, and to see him so distraught is heartbreaking for her.” So much so that she “is doing whatever she can to support him and they're doing their best to stay strong for the kids.”