Blac Chyna advises young women to avoid going under a knife

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March 21, 2023

Blac Chyna shares a detailed video of dissolving face fillers on social media

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Blac Chyna advises young women to avoid going under a knife

Blac Chyna has recently opened up on how facial fillers made her look “crazy” and warned young women to avoid going for beauty surgery.

On Monday, Chyna, who shares two children with Rob Kardashian, took to Instagram on Monday and posted a video of herself and captioned it, “Round 2 of dissolving my face fillers … to be continued.”

In a video, the reality star said, “I’m on my way now to get more of the fillers dissolved. All in all, it looks really good so far.”

“As you can see right here, there’s still filler right here in my lip so it’s kind of pushing it over to the side, so we’re going to dissolve that, dissolve more in' the high cheek area,” stated the 34-year-old.

Chyna also remarked that why she “did all the fillers in the first place, as she has naturally-high cheekbones via her genetics.”

Sharing the reason, Chyna disclosed, “I did them because, I mean everybody was doing it, so let this be a lesson, don’t even do it y'all, it’s not even worth it.”

Chyna pointed out that she “was so young” when she initially underwent the procedures that she “didn’t even give [her] body time to fully develop organically”.

“People typically grow into their faces with age, and start to miss their baby faces once they do,” commented the star.

Chyna also revealed that she decided to remove the fillers mainly because she wanted to lead healthier lifestyle.

“And the fillers were beginning to stand out and make me look crazy,” she added.

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