Friday August 19, 2022

TMA Haripur faces financial crisis

By Our Correspondent
June 25, 2022

HARIPUR: The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) has been unable to pay salaries to its employees for May due to the financial crisis, sources said on Friday.

The sources said the TMA Haripur had been facing a financial crisis for the last three months due to which the salaries for the month of April were disbursed during the last week of May.

However, they have yet to receive the salary for the month of May. The sources attributed the financial crisis of the TMA to the provincial government’s decision to waive the two percent mutation fee on the transfer of land in 2018 and its failure to release the annual grant.

Some insiders accused the TMA administration of mismanagement and recruiting staff on political grounds and using non-developmental funds for developmental schemes.

Sources said that spending huge money on water supply systems against the short collection of water charges from Haripur city and zero collection from areas falling in the limits of Khalabat Township were the causes of financial problems of TMA.

Sources said the TMA had over 50 tube-wells for supplying water to Haripur city and Khalabat Township and their monthly bills was over Rs20 million but the recovery target could not be achieved. They said that Pesco disconnected electricity supply to three tube-wells during the last three days for non-payment of electricity bills.

Efforts were made to seek comments from the relevant TMA officials, but to no avail.