Saturday July 02, 2022

Siraj asks rulers to learn from past

By Our Correspondent
May 26, 2022

LAHORE:Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Sirajul Haq has advised the ruling coalition government to show restraint against the agitating opposition parties and learn from the past.

In a statement on Wednesday, he warned that the extreme position taken by the ruling parties, could lead to the wrapping up the already fragile democratic system in the country. He expressed sorrow that when he had suggested to the PTI chairman Imran Khan to introduce electoral reforms and announce elections when his party was in power, but he refrained from introducing genuine electoral reforms despite that it was part of his party’s manifesto. He said he had also been demanding the same from the current government of the PDM.

Siraj said the three ruling parties were responsible to the situation. They, he added, brought the country to the level where its economy was almost dead, people were storming and unemployment went rampant.

Meanwhile, Sirajul Haq strongly condemned the puppet Indian courts for sentencing Kashmiri freedom leader Yasin Malik for life imprisonment and demanded the government approach the international human rights organizations and court for the release of Hurriyat leader from Indian imprisonment.