Wednesday August 17, 2022

Imran lying to nation every day: Marriyum

November 30, 2021
Imran lying to nation every day: Marriyum

LAHORE: PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb said Imran Khan should be ashamed of himself for lying to the nation every day. Reacting to Imran Khan's speech, Marriyum in a statement, issued here on Monday, said that people who lived in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at others. She said that after witnessing the plight and misery of the unemployed Pakistanis crushed by inflation, it didn’t even seem worth it to respond to the plethora of lies that Imran spews every day.

“People don’t care about your philosophical lectures and sermons, they want affordable petrol, sugar, flour, electricity, gas, medicines and other essential commodities,” she said, adding Imran Khan was a certified vote-robbing fascist puppet prime minister.

She said only someone as shallow as Imran Khan would use the name of the State of Madina for political gains. She said Asma Jahangir Foundation has also rejected government’s stance over inviting Nawaz Sharif for closing remarks of the conference.