Thursday October 21, 2021

Balochistan governor inaugurates Panahgah app

September 17, 2021

Islamabad : Governor of Balochistan, Syed Zahoor Agha inaugurates ‘Panahgah app’ along with Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM), Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, in a ceremony held on Thursday.

Panahgah App will help to maintain a centralised dashboard displaying the number of beneficiaries availing shelter as well as the number of meals served. It will also facilitate the beneficiaries to find out the locations of the Panahgahs. Additionally, the donors can also be part of this noble cause by donating online via ‘Panahgah App’. Governor Balochistan congratulated the PBM team for devising such an effective digital mechanism to facilitate the beneficiaries of Panahgah.

He remarked that PBM’s pro-poor services in Balochistan Province, during the last three years, is highly commendable. He also vowed for the utmost cooperation from Balochistan Government in order to expand PBM’s welfare schemes to reach large number of deprived persons even of the remote areas of the province.

On the occasion, the Governor of Balochistan also underlined the need for practical measures to rehabilitate the victims of Narcotics in the Province. Managing Director PBM, while endorsing the suggestion, assured for the concrete steps to help the drug victims there.

Managing Director PBM, in his address, expressed his commitment to serve the poor populace of the country with care and respect. “Following the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan, digital transformation and e-governance are being introduced to accelerate PBM’s social welfare services”, he added.

The managing director also highlighted the core initiatives taken in Balochistan province during the past three years in the sector of health, education, and rehabilitation. Talking about ‘Panahgah App’, Malik Zaheer Abbas stated that adopting such technological innovations will lead us in improving our capabilities to serve the poor persons in an efficient and transparent manner by having the real-time data; and it would also be helpful to meet the future’s challenges of an increasing number of beneficiaries ahead.

As well as the implementation of an inclusive strategy to combat penury and for the resilient recovery of the deprived community in the province, expansion plan of PBM projects in Balochistan Province was also discussed during the meeting.