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Bogies shortage delays trains

By Our Correspondent
June 23, 2021

LAHORE:Trains are getting late for hours due to severe shortage of bogies. The shortage of bogies has become a serious matter. Passengers are travelling sitting on roofs of trains. More than 10 trains from Quetta and Karachi to Lahore were late for hours. Pak Business was late by four hours and ten minutes, leaving passengers stranded at the station for hours.

Awam Express got late for four hours, Shah Hussain Express three hours and ten minutes, Jaffar Express two hours and twenty minutes, Shalimar Express three hours, Allama Iqbal Express two and a half hours, Karachi Express two hours and fifteen minutes, Karakoram Express, Khyber Mail one-and-half hour.

Footplate inspection duties assigned: On the directions of Divisional Superintendent, Pakistan Railways Lahore, Muhammad Nasir Khalili, duties have been assigned for day and night footplate inspection to inspectors and divisional and assistant officers in train engines. Divisional Transportation Officer Shahid Raza has assigned duties to railway officers and other staff in train engines from June 23 to July 7 to ensure timely movement of trains; a formal notification has been issued in this regard. According to the notification, footplate inspection duties have been assigned on different sections of Lahore Division in Shalimar Express, Shah Hussain Express, Khyber Mail, Karakoram, Allama Iqbal Express, Sir Syed Express and Jafar Express.