Saturday November 27, 2021

Senior lawyer shot dead in Bannu

June 15, 2021

BANNU: Unidentified motorcyclists targeted and killed a prominent lawyer and member of the District Bar Association here on Monday soon after he left the Judicial Complex.

Bashirur Rehman Burki, a Supreme Court lawyer, was target-killed when he left the District Courts. Lawyers placed the body on the main road outside the Bannu Press Club and staged a protest against the incident.

The protesting lawyers set a three-day deadline for the government to arrest the culprits. They said that the law and order situation was getting out of control in Bannu district as a Supreme Court lawyer had now been killed after other incidents. They said that if a senior lawyer was not safe in Bannu, how the police could protect the lives of common citizens. Bashirur Rehman Burki was also a former general secretary of the People’s Lawyers Forum.