Wednesday December 08, 2021

KU VC inaugurates digital library

March 06, 2021

While inaugurating the digital library at the social works department of the University of Karachi (KU) on Friday, Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said access to authentic and reliable information was essential for quality research .

According to the VC, social sciences play a very important role in providing solutions to the problems of society and it is a key component for the development of societies. He mentioned that without quality research, we could not resolve our problems, and asked students and faculty members to focus on the problems of different communities living in the city and provide durable solutions for their issues.

“There should be meaningful research in social sciences that can play a key role in solving human social problems,” he said, adding that students and faculty members's research would be facilitated by the digital library and they would have access to research materials and would be able to share their work with the world.

The KU VC said he believed that the social works department would use the digital library to help, identify and address social issues through their research work.

He observed that research work of the department would be helpful for the government offices, and local and foreign non-governmental organisations as well and they could learn about different social aspects and problems of various communities living in the province in general and the city in particular.

On the occasion, Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Prof Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah said that in this age of modern technology, the whole world was moving towards digitalisation and the establishment of a digital library would be an asset for the researchers, faculty, and students.

Dr Muhammad Shahid elaborated on the aims and objectives of the digital library and said that the department strived to provide the best possible facilities to its faculty, researchers and students.