Thursday December 08, 2022

Supreme Court snubs Rabbani for irksome behaviour

By Our Correspondent
December 30, 2020

KARACHI: The Supreme Court ordered commissioner Karachi to take over the Tejori Heights project built over the Railways land in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and seize the subject property till further orders.

During the hearing of the application against the construction of Tejori Heights, CJP Justice Gulzar Ahmad took notice of continuous interruption of the proceedings by builder’s counsel Raza Rabbani. The Chief Justice, Gulzar Ahmed, observed that being a senior counsel, he should know the decorum of the court and assist the court being as a law officer of the court.

The court observed that the court knew how the papers of properties were forged and asked Raza Rabbani why was he so concerned about the case and asked him if he had made any commitments with his client with respect to the case.

Directing him not to interrupt the proceedings, the bench forbid Rabbani from showing ‘forged documents’, saying we all know how the property documents are forged. At that, Rabbani submitted that he just wanted to argue on behalf of his client and that should not be attributed to his integrity. The court observed that these days lawyers make promises about cases with their clients and have to be reminded of that their first and foremost duty lies in assisting the court. Later, Rabbani tendered an apology before the court for his conduct.