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Region seeing large spikes in COVID-19 cases

October 18, 2020

Rawalpindi : Twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are seeing large spikes in number of coronavirus illness, COVID-19 cases and Islamabad Capital Territory is the hardest hit yet neither people nor the politicians from both the ruling party and opposition are following SOPs religiously to avoid spread of the disease.

Data collected by ‘The News’ reveals that second wave of coronavirus has hit this region of the country including ICT and Rawalpindi district as in last one week, every sixth patient and every sixth death caused by COVID-19 in the country was recorded from the twin cities. From October 11 to October 17, a total of 3520 confirmed cases were reported from all across Pakistan of which 829 were residents of ICT or Rawalpindi while 68 patients died of the disease in last seven days from the country of which 11 were from the twin cities.

The region witnessed gradual increase in number of cases and deaths in last five weeks but the concerned government authorities failed in implementing any effective strategy to control the situation worsening day by day.

From August 1 to September 9 (in 40 days), when the situation was well under control, a total of 965 new patients were confirmed positive for COVID-19 from the twin cities at an average of 24 patients per day while from September 10 to October 1 (in 22 days), 1064 new patients were reported making an average of over 48 patients per day.

From October 2 to October 7, in six days, 411 new patients were tested positive for the illness at an average of 68 patients per day while from October 8 to October 12 (in five days), 481 new cases were reported at an average of over 96 patients per day. In last five days, the situation became much alarming with 687 new cases at an average of over 137 confirmed cases reported per day.

Despite the spike in number of cases and deaths, the government employees including lady health workers are staging protest in the federal capital and the prime minister is addressing Tiger Force at Convention Centre so how do we expect individuals to follow SOPs. Many health experts say that it is time to take matter seriously otherwise the situation may get out of control in next few days.

On Saturday, as many as 166 new patients were reported from ICT and Rawalpindi district while the virus claimed another life in the federal capital.

In last 24 hours, as many as 132 new patients were tested positive for the disease from ICT taking tally to 17913 of which 16620 have so far recovered while 194 have died of the disease. The number of active cases of COVID-19 in the federal capital has jumped to 1099 on Saturday.

From Rawalpindi district, another 34 patients have been tested positive for COVID-19 in last 24 hours taking tally to 6598 of which 6115 have already recovered while 300 have lost their lives. Only six patients are hospitalized in the district though another 177 confirmed patients have been in home isolation along with 471 suspects under home quarantine, said Executive District Officer (Health) Rawalpindi Dr. Sohail Ahmed Chaudhary while talking to ‘The News’.