Wednesday October 05, 2022

Violence against domestic labour

By Our crime correspondent
July 21, 2020

Rawalpindi:Instances of violence and torture towards child domestic workers remained unabated in Punjab despite categorical orders from the government.

Another incident of forced labour and violence towards domestic labour was witnessed in Chauntra, suburbs of Rawalpindi, where a family including parents and their 12 years old son were made hostages for bonded labour on part of some influential owners.

In Rajar village of Chauntra, police received a call at Police helpline and recovered three-member family from forced and bonded labour. Later, the influential family of Rajar Village of Chauntra, with connivance of Chauntra Police Station threatened the poor family and got settlement with police support. In exchange of settlement, the poor family was deprived of their nine goats, their monthly stipend and domestic utensils. Following highhandedness on part of Chauntra Police station, the poor family reached City Police Officer (CPO) ‘Khuli Khachery’.

In his complaint to CPO Office, the complainant, Waheed Khan stated, “I am resident of old Gawalmandi and because of the lockdown, I went unemployed and two months back got employment being domestic worker along with his wife and 12 years old son at the home of Sardar Wasim in Rajar, a village of Chauntra.” Sardar Nadeem family during this time used to make abusive language and other staff at the house used to harass his wife and when they told to leave the job, they were tortured and were locked in a room, from where they were recovered by police on call of his wife’s father. CPO (Rawalpindi) DIG Muhammad Ahsan Younis considering the application of poor family marked once again to Chauntra Police Station. Waheed Khan stated that police personnel of Chauntra Police station used to threaten them and they appealed to high ups to take notice of highhandedness towards them.