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PCB unveils plan for uplift of cricket

June 16, 2020

LAHORE: With the vision of becoming one of the top-performing and most credible cricket boards, the Pakistan Cricket Board on Monday released its five-year strategic plan, which has been appro­ved by the Board of Govern­ors, says a PCB press release.

Captioned under ‘Five-Year Plan to Inspire and Unify Our Nation’, the document lays down strategic and corporate objectives, sets a straightforward course of action for the progress and enhancement of the national men’s, women’s and age-group teams and presents a clear pathway and structure for grassroots development. Underpinning the objectives will be a tracking system that will ensure that progress is robustly monitored on a monthly basis throughout the duration of the plan.

The strategy has been put together with a key focus on the stakeholders and bringing the fans closer to the game, with accountability, trans­parency, ethics and professio­nalism remaining at its core.

The six salient features of the strategy are: Sustainable corporate governance; delivering world class international teams; grassroots and pathways framework; inspiring generations through our women’s game; growing and diversifying commercial revenue streams; and enhancing the global image of Pakistan.

Each of the aforementioned strategies is divided into clear objectives and tactics. A senior manager will own one of the six strategic priorities and will be responsible for its execution, while a robust monitoring system with clear delivery timelines will track monthly progress.

Unveiling the strategy, PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said: “We developed the five-year plan in 2019 and awaited sign-off by the Board of Governors. We are delighted that we received official sign-off in February this year and are now in a position to formally announce it. Delivery against key priorities for the 2019-2023 plan began last year and I am delighted to see the progress that we have already made across a number of areas.

“It was highly important that we developed a clear, exciting and achievable road­map that provided clarity on our direction of travel, not only for all PCB staff but also the fans and its stakeholders.”