Monday November 29, 2021

Every cartel to be broken: Punjab CM Usman Buzdar

June 04, 2020

LAHORE: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has directed the department concerned to take every administrative step to stabilise the prices of essential items in the province.

He issued this direction while presiding over a meeting at his office here Wednesday. The meeting took stock of different matters, including the provision of wheat to KP Province and stabilisation of prices of essential items.

The chief minister asserted that no one would be allowed to increase the prices of essential items, including flour, sugar, ghee and poultry adding that the administrative action would be taken against illegal profiteers.

He reiterated that the provision of essential items would be ensured at fixed rates. Those who are looting the people, in the name of profit, should fear Allah, he added. The government will protect the people's rights and every cartel, jeopardising the public interest, will be broken, he told.

The chief minister asserted that people could not be left at the mercy of hoarders and illegal profiteers and directed to initiate indiscriminate crackdown against them. Action will be initiated against those involved in the price hike, he added. Illegal increase in the rates of different items is intolerable and all powers will be utilised to provide different items at fixed rates to the people, the chief minister said.

The chief minister emphasised that an increase in the rates of flour, sugar, ghee and poultry is unacceptable after a sufficient decrease in the prices of petroleum products. He directed that the price control mechanism should be effectively utilised as the elements involved in the price hike are a criminal of society as well as the law.

He directed that price control magistrates should daily check the prices of essential items. The chief minister assured that flour mills would be accommodated to enhance their flour reserves. The Punjab government has made a record wheat purchase in the current season as more than 4.3 million metric ton wheat reserves are available with the government, he said. Similarly, the Punjab government has more than 1.8 million ton sugar reserves and it has also ensured payments of more than Rs170 billion to farmers. The administration, industry and food departments should keep a vigilant eye on the situation as there is no room for looters, he emphasised. The action against price hike should be regularly monitored. The food needs of KP province will be taken care of as they are the brethren of Punjab province, the CM concluded.

Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan, Industries Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal, Chief Secretary, ACS (Urbanisation), Commissioner Lahore, secretaries of food, livestock and industries departments and others attended the meeting.