Tuesday January 18, 2022

PTI Gojra office-bearers resign over new appointments

February 07, 2020

TOBA TEK SINGH: Newly-appointed Gojra City Pakistan Tehrik Insaf President Kashif Iqbal and all the other-office bearers of the city organisation have announced resignation from their offices in protest over appointment of Gojra Tehsil PTI organisation’s office-bearers. They alleged Gojra Tehsil PTI organisation’s office-bearers were anti-PTI. Addressing a press conference at Gojra on Thursday in the presence of PTI MPA from Gojra, PP 118, Bilal Asghar Warraich, Khalifa Kashif Iqbal and other office-bearers blamed that PTI's Central Vice President and former District Nazim Ch M Ashfaq were creating grouping within the party by making appointment of PML-N people as office-bearers of PTI in the Tehsil body. They claimed that they would remain in PTI and had full confidence in the leadership PTI chief Imran Khan. They demanded the party leadership reconsider the appointments of the party office-bearers of Gojra tehsel body after consulting party activists. When contacted, PTI District Secretary General Sohail Ghani claimed that Ch Ashfaq had nothing to do with the appointments of the party office-bearers in Gojra. He added that appointments in Gojra tehsel body were made by the PTI district governing committee with majority decision after consulting with the PTI's defeated ticket holders of Gojra tehsel, including candidate for NA 111 seat Osama Hamza and candidates for PP 118 Asad Zaman and for PP 119 Ch Khalid Bashir.