Wednesday May 25, 2022

APNS criticises minister’s statement

January 04, 2019

KARACHI: The APNS has strongly flayed the uncalled-for and misleading observation of the Federal Information Minister Ch Fawad Hussain stating that the future of print media is bleak in Pakistan. Sarmad Ali, Secretary General of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society, reacting to a media talk of the federal information minister, stated that the print media in Pakistan is presently facing financial crunch due to the policies of the present government, which seems intend to control the media and to silence the dissenting voices. However, the APNS reiterated its resolve to fight back the adverse conditions and ensure that the print media successfully braves the crisis and survives. The past 70 years' history of the print media in Pakistan is witness to the fact that despite all odds, censorships, curtailment of advertisements and other tactics to intimidate the media by different civil and military regimes, the print media not only survived but flourished. The APNS believes that in a developing country like Pakistan, the governments owe it to the society to ensure growth of a viable and objective media. This is a fundamental requirement for the uplift of the society and to disseminate awareness and knowledge amongst the masses. It is highly disappointing that the federal information minister instead of adopting policies for the survival and growth of the fourth pillar of state is casting aspersions on the future of print media.

The APNS is confident that Mr Fawad Choudhry will revisit his observations and ensure implementation of the assurances made by the prime minister of Pakistan to clear the long outstanding dues of the media, which would help newspapers to brave the financial crunch.