Friday July 19, 2024

‘Strategy devised to dispose of pending cases’

By Our Correspondent
June 15, 2024
CCPO Lahore Bilal Siddique Kamyana looks on in this image released on November 23, 2023. — Facebook/Capital City Police Lahore
CCPO Lahore Bilal Siddique Kamyana looks on in this image released on November 23, 2023. — Facebook/Capital City Police Lahore 

LAHORE: A meeting was held at the Capital City Police Headquarters under the chairmanship of Lahore Police Chief Bilal Siddique Kamyana and Prosecutor General Punjab Farhad Ali Shah. The meeting focused on enhancing departmental coordination between Lahore Police and the Prosecutor General's office.

Addressing the meeting, CCPO Lahore stated that improved coordination between Lahore Police and the Prosecution Department would expedite the completion of ongoing investigations. A strategy has been devised for the timely completion of under investigation pending cases. Prosecutor General Punjab expressed his commitment to resolving pending cases swiftly.

It was announced that joint teams comprising police officers and prosecutors would work together on case investigations and present them in the court. The meeting also decided to provide prosecutors with offices in Lahore police stations, enabling them to work more efficiently on case resolutions. Investigating officers will seek legal guidance from the prosecutors who will identify legal flaws causing delays in investigations.

CCPO Lahore assigned the task of completing pending cases to DIG (Investigation) Zeeshan Asghar and DIG (Organized Crime Unit) Imran Kishwar. Bilal Siddique Kamyana emphasised that the criminal justice system's purpose is to address public grievances. He urged investigation officers to expedite the processing of cases and ensure justice for the oppressed.

Prosecutor General Punjab reaffirmed the commitment to work together towards establishing a crime-free society, resolving pending investigations swiftly through joint efforts. The CCPO highlighted the need to improve the quality of investigations and urged divisional SPs to enhance their command and control capabilities. He warned that any delays in completing investigations would hold the respective DSP (Investigation) accountable.

The CCPO also mentioned that prompt case resolutions would help in improving public perception of the police. He stressed the importance of timely recording of investigation case data in the Polcom software.