Saturday September 23, 2023

Traditional medicines provide more options

June 10, 2023

Islamabad‘Unani’ and traditional Chinese medicines can provide more medical options, treating various diseases.“We should provide alternate ways of treatment to our people so that they can get better health facilities. Cooperating with China can help us achieve that,” said Syed Shabib ul Hasan, vice chancellor of Hamdard University, the oldest and largest traditional medicine college in Pakistan, according to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Friday. During COVID-19, Pakistani traditional medicine, Unani medicine, played a part in Pakistan and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also played a great role in China along with allopathy.“We have signed MOUs with Chinese universities to promote traditional medicine, including identification and cultivation of herbal medicine and mutual recognition of quality standards.” Syed Shabib ul Hasan noted. This year, more TCM training programs are provided to Pakistani students. The acceptance of TCM in Pakistan has also been increasing these years.

“Chinese government has invested and provided opportunities to train Pakistani students in TCM. However, we are not giving such importance to our traditional medicines.” Syed Shabib ul Hasan stressed that Unani medicine should be promoted in the same way that TCM has been promoted. “We can develop medicines on the basis of our herbal plants, and China can help.” He added.“WHO has calculated that more than 42% of drugs available in the market are derived from plants or natural products. There is richness of herbs in Pakistan, we have advantages in topography.”