Saturday April 01, 2023

‘Killers’ of SU bus driver arrested

January 27, 2023

SUKKUR: The Hyderabad Police on Thursday arrested suspected killers involved in the murder of driver of a point bus of the University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Police said after collecting the evidence from the crime scene, they arrested Syed Asif Shah and his son Zeeshan Hyder Shah from the Latifabad Colony, Hyderabad.

The accused have confessed to the crime and revealed that they had stopped him from parking the university’s point bus in front of the office of the Director Education Hyderabad, but he did not pay attention and following an alercation they killed him, the police added. The police said an FIR against the accused was registered at Baldia Police Station in Hyderabad and further investigation was underway.