Sunday September 24, 2023

Activists resolve to spread awareness about polio

January 25, 2023

ABBOTTABAD: The participants of a function here on Tuesday pledged to spread awareness about polio eradication besides helping the people affected by the

crippling disease with rehabilitation.

The programme was arranged for polio awareness campaign by Stellar & Ray, a civil society organization, in collaboration with the Rotary Club.

Despite the severe cold weather, a number of social activists, including community members, government officials, students and those from other walks of life attended the function.

President of Stellar and Ray, Dr Rabia Noor, briefed the participants about the polio. She said is a paralyzing infectious disease that mostly affects children under the age of five.

She stressed the need for supporting all those who have been affected by polio and become disabled.

The speaker said millions of children have been saved from disability through polio vaccines. “Polio cases have been reduced in the country due to the coordinated efforts”, she added.

Director, Women Empowerment, Rotary Club Abbottabad, Sadia Kokab Advocate, said that polio drops are a symbol of life and guarantee a healthy nation.

Samina Kosar, Director, SAM Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre, urged the people to get children under five years of age administered polio drops. She asked the people to cooperate with the health officials who were doing a great job to eradicate polio.

Dr Rafia Naz, an educationist, said polio vaccination programme is facing a host of challenges that lead to new cases.

She said that polio is a highly infectious virus and most people do not know that they have the virus because they have no symptoms.

“To prevent the spread of poliovirus, it is imperative to get children vaccinated in areas where the virus is already circulating and other areas that are at the risk due to population movement,” she stressed.

Later, the Rotary Club distributed souvenirs to the participants of the function.