Tuesday October 03, 2023

‘Only trained teachers promise quality education’

By Our Correspondent
December 08, 2022

Islamabad : Quality of education solely depends on well-trained teachers, said Minister of Federal Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain on Wednesday.

"One of my core plans is the establishment of the National Institute of Teacher Training, which will be the centre of excellence in teacher training. We recently agreed with UNESCO to establish a joint centre of excellence for teacher training and STEAM learning.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and our Ministry will also organise an international conference on foundational learning in the days ahead," the minister Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office told the National Workshop on teacher training organized by the National Curriculum Council with the technical and financial support of the UNFPA and ACT International.

The event was organised in continuation of the Teachers Training Programme of the NCC with a particular focus on Life Skills Based Education. For this purpose, LSBE-focused teachers’ training manuals were already developed. NCC hosted all these events where a large number of senior officials of the federal and provincial education ministries participated. In addition to the primary teachers, representatives from public sector primary schools' managers also attended the training. The minister said a good curriculum is only useful if it is taught well for which well-trained teachers are required. He said the best students will be produced if he or she is examined well by the examination and assessment boards based on the curriculum and student teaching. Thus close coordination between curriculum designers; teachers, administrators, and the examination board is required.

Mr Tanveer said that he is emphasising components like critical thinking, activity-based learning, group learning, and all such methods that make the students produce and conceive ideas instead of depending on memorization.