Thursday February 09, 2023

Shuja urges for enforcing Holy Quran

By Our Correspondent
December 06, 2022

LAHORE: Tanzeem Islami (TI) ameer Shujauddin Sheikh has said that Islam is a complete code of life designed to dominate to bring in force Allah Almighty’s divine order.

Allah has declared holy Qur’an as a revolutionary manifesto and the tool of revolution which contains complete instructions and guidance for the individual and collective affairs of the entire human race for all time to come, he said while addressing a gathering here Monday. He said through Qur’an Allah has given clear concept of family life besides specifying the Halal and Haram at the social level that are bound to form a pure society. Today, he said, the infidel forces are trying hard to destroy Islam’s social and family system, while the disorder in Muslim society is increasing to alarming levels due to distancing from Quran.

He said in fact the Holy Qur’an provides answers to all basic questions about the purpose and origin of human life. It also contains the stories of the rise and fall of the previous civilisations to make people learn life lessons and follow the right path at the individual and collective level. He stressed that surrendering before the sovereignty of Allah Almighty frees from slavery at all political, economic and social levels.