Saturday January 28, 2023

Rally staged in support of state institutions, against PTI

November 12, 2022

LANDIKOTAL: Traders, social activists and political parties’ leaders here on Friday staged a rally in support of state institutions.

The rally was organised by political parties’ leaders and traders and participated by local government representatives. The demonstrators were holding flags of different political parties.

The rally participants marched from Bacha Khan Chowk and gathered outside Landikotal Press Club, while chanting slogans against Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan Muslim League Khyber district general secretary Sajid Afridi, Yasin Shinwari, Faridullah Shinwari, PML-N minority leader Fanyas Sultan, Pakistan People’s Party leader Khayal Rasool Shinwari, Pasban Landikotal tehsil president Salman Shinwari and others said that PTI had become an anti-state party.

Sajid Afridi alleged that Imran Khan had decided to fight the security forces who were the defenders of the state. He said all the citizens loved their security forces and would stand by them.

The PML-N leader said that PTI was working on a foreign agenda to defame the country’s establishment and destabilise Pakistan. He added the so-called long march by the PTI was aimed to weaken the state’s integrity. He asked the state institutions to take actions against Imran Khan and PTI leadership.

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders said that repeated road blockades, protests and agitations by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had affected Pakistan’s economy.

They said Imran Khan was playing with the lives of Pakistanis just for his wish to regain the prime minister’s office.