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Kate Middleton, Prince Harry in talks for secret US reunion?

Kate Middleton is reportedly in talks with Prince Harry and planning a reunion in the US

By Web Desk
August 10, 2022

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Kate Middleton is reportedly in talks with her estranged brother-in-law Prince Harry and is said to be planning a reunion between him and her husband Prince William later this year when they visit the US where Harry lives with his wife Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to travel to the US in December for the Earthshot Prize, and while it has been reported that chances of them meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain low, an insider told Closer magazine the opposite.

As per the source: “Kate is looking to get the two brothers together when they're all on US soil later this year, if not sooner.”

The insider went on to suggest that Prince Harry has also been ‘receptive’ to the idea of meeting with his brother Prince William and Kate once they’re in the US.

The source also added that the question remains whether Prince William will be willing to reunite with Harry.

“Provided Harry's book isn't too hurtful towards the monarchy – and there's optimism that it's been toned down significantly since the original drafts – then William could, with encouragement from Kate, look to build bridges with his brother and put the past behind them,” the source suggested.