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Australia demands jail term for Amber Heard over perjury charges

Barnaby Joyce demands Amber Heard be given jail time if deemed guilty in perjury case

By Web Desk
July 07, 2022

Australian lawmaker demands Amber Heard be ‘handed over’ to the country for a jail sentence if she is found guilty of perjury charges.

The politician made this revelation during his interview with the Australian breakfast show, Sunrise.

He showcased no sympathy for Heard during his admissions and even went as far as to compare her with WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

For those unversed, the US has been demanding for Assange to be extradited to the country over spying charges.

Joyce was quoted saying, “Those dogs, when they came in, there were a lot of documents that were signed that said there were no animals there. And it now looks like Ms. Heard has allegedly not told the truth.”

“[The U.S.] wants Julian Assange... [She] can come over to Australia and possibly spend some time at Her Majesty's convenience.”

Perjury carries a maximum jail term of over 14 years within Australia.

Joyce also hypothesized the potential outcomes if Heard were found guilty by Australian courts and he admitted, “It's up to the Americans. I suppose the U.S. want to show the purity of it and they're insisting on getting Julian Assange.”

“So [the U.S.] should say, ‘We have got to be fair dinkum and straight with both these things, don't we?’ Let's see how that goes.”

While extradition is an unlikely outcome at this point in time, the chance of her being arrested upon landing on Australian soil is highly likely.