Friday May 20, 2022

Prince Charles 'shocked to the core' over his deteriorating relationship with Prince Harry

Prince Charles and Prince Harry have had trouble with their relationship after the Duke of Sussex made his royal exit in 2020

By Web Desk
December 19, 2021

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Prince Charles is said to have been left "shocked to the core" over the way relationship deteriorated.

Following the Duke of Sussex’s move to exit the Royal Family in 2020, reports of an ice cold relationship began circulating with Harry claiming that Charles has stopped taking his calls.

Further controversy stirred when Finding Freedom, an unauthorised biography, unveiled a number of details about the Sussexes’ departure from the royal family.

While the Sussexes denied having to do anything with the book, Meghan Markle was forced to apologize after it was revealed that a former aide had been in contact with the novel’s authors.

Royal expert Neil Sean, spoke about how Prince Charles was taken aback by the scenario.

"Apparently, Prince Charles asked openly, ‘Did anyone help with that book?’ and allegedly, according to responses, he was told no one helped with the book,” Neil speculated.

“You can imagine how much of a shock it was for His Royal Highness Prince Charles and Prince William to learn that they received help with that particular book.

"Moving forward, Prince Charles is a compassionate man who misses his youngest son’s company,

"However, he’s also very busy preparing his life, and by that we mean his life as a ruling monarch, because that will come at some point and he needs to be ready.

"However, Charles doesn’t always look ahead; he prefers to live in the present.

"And right now, Prince Charles is stunned by how quickly his relationship with his youngest son has deteriorated."