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Shanaya Kapoor on ‘inevitable’ judgements that come with being 'star kid'

Shanaya Kapoor talks about the judgements she deals with on being a star kid

By Web Desk
October 20, 2021

Shanaya Kapoor on ‘inevitable’ judgements that come with being star kid
Shanaya Kapoor on ‘inevitable’ judgements that come with being 'star kid'

Actress Shanaya Kapoor talked about how she deals with all the judgements that come along with being a “star kid”.

According to Shanaya, the label of a ‘star kid’ becomes very challenging with every passing day.

In an interview with ANI, Shanaya said, "Judgments are an inevitable part of the work I am pursuing, but I stay positive and focus on the people who are always cheering me on, whether it be followers on Instagram or the press/media, I focus on their love and support, then the rest just fades out for me! Focusing on the positives is the way to be.”

The star further added, "Being a part of Gunjan Saxena was extremely special, and a very important journey for me to undergo before I started my career. I wanted to learn how a film is made, what the process is like, what are the aligned jobs for everyone on set, how actors prep for their roles, how background action works, there was so much I got to understand. It was a wonderful, fulfilling and enriching experience to see the entire team work towards one goal, it's so wholesome making a film."

Shanaya is all set to make her Bollywood debut under the banner of Dharma Productions.