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Malaika Arora ‘reunites’ with family at home after testing positive for COVID-19

Malaika Arora ‘reunites’ with her son and dog at home after contracting COVID-19

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September 19, 2020
Malaika Arora ‘reunites’ with family at home after testing positive for COVID-19

Malaika Arora has ‘reunited’ with her son Arhaan and dog Casper after becoming positive for COVID-19. To commemorate the occasion, the actress uploaded a picture of her son Arhaan and dog Casper peeking at her through the balcony.

To go along with the adorable update, the actress shared a heartfelt caption that read, “Love knows no boundaries. With our social distancing and self quarantine in place, we still find a way to check on each other, see each other and talk.”

“While my heart breaks to not be able to hug my two babies for another few days, just looking at their sweet faces gives me so much courage and energy to power through.”

For the unversed, the Bollywood star had contracted the virus while shooting for India’s Best Dancer and it was during one of her interviews with Mid-Day where Malaika explained, “Luckily, my family had not contracted the virus. I was shocked when I tested positive because I had not shown any major symptoms or experienced discomfort. I was advised to self-quarantine at home. I made sure that I didn’t step out of my room, and didn’t come in contact with anyone, including my son (Arhaan), the house staff and our dog Casper.

“I did not have breathlessness, but showed some mild symptoms. I complained of weakness, which tends to happen when your body is fighting a disease. While I couldn’t practise my yoga routine as I was weak, I made sure I performed the basic asanas, and practised breathing exercises like anulom vilom and kapalbhati.”

She announced the news of her test results on Instagram on September 7th, the caption behind her post read, “Today I have tested positive for coronavirus, but I want to inform you all that I am feeling fine. I am asymptomatic and following all the required protocols and will be quarantined at home as instructed by my doctor and authorities. I request all of you to stay calm and safe. Thank you for all your support. Much love, Malaika Arora.”

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