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Prince William faces painful situation ahead of key event

Prince William gears to correct his mistake amid tension

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July 11, 2024
Prince William faces painful situation ahead of key event
Prince William faces painful situation ahead of key event

Prince William is said to be in great trouble as he's facing an uncomfortable situation ahead of a key event in Germany.

The Prince of Wales, who's also the President of the Football Association, will attend the Euro 2024 final on Sunday as England will take on Spain in the highly anticipated contest.

Spain has won two editions of the Euros in the 21st century with back-to-back triumphs coming in 2008 and 2012. However, England and Spain have not faced off against each other in a major tournament in men's football since 1996.

However, just last year, Spain and England's Lionesses contested the Women's World Cup final. This will bring up painful memories for the Prince of Wales as he suffered a furious backlash over his decision not to attend the final in Australia.

The situation was made worse for the future King by the fact the Spanish Royal Family made the long trip to support their team.

Meanwhile, Gareth Southgate is all excited and hopeful to become the first Three Lions manager to win the Euros.

The Prince of Wales's decision not to attend the game sparked urgent pleas for the Princess of Wales to go in his place.

Commenting on William's decision, a royal expert wrote: "Oops... own goal from Team Windsor. But it's not too late to book your ticket, #Kate - the Lionesses need your support. In the end, Spain will have a royal supporter there, the #Lionsses won't. At a time like this diplomatic considerations come second to world optics - currently, the royal score is Spain 1, England 0."

Queen Letizia and her daughter Princess Sofia watched on as Spain defeated England 1-0 to win the World Cup. James Cleverly, who was the Foreign Secretary at the time, attended as a representative for the UK. However, no member of the royal family was present for the match.

Prince William will come face-to-face with the Spanish Royal Family on Sunday's Euro 2024 final in Germany as King Felipe of Spain has already confirmed to attend the key event and his wife Queen Letizia is expected to join him.