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Kris Jenner opens up to her family about major tumour surgery

Kris Jenner was recently diagnosed with a cyst and tumour on her ovaries

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July 05, 2024
Kris Jenner broke the news while on a family vacation in Aspen
Kris Jenner broke the news while on a family vacation in Aspen

Kris Jenner shared an emotional update about her health on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch, 68, revealed she will undergo surgery after doctors discovered a tumor on her ovary.

While on vacation in Aspen with her boyfriend Corey Gamble and daughters Kim, Khloé, and Kendall, Kris broke the news.

“I wanted to tell you guys something… I went to the doctor and had my scan,” she began, fighting back tears. “They found, and this just makes me really emotional but, they found a cyst and a little tumour on my ovary,” she revealed.

She explained the doctor's recommendation to have her ovaries removed, which brought a wave of emotions. “I’m emotional about it because they came in handy with you guys,” she said. “That’s where all my kids were conceived and grown. So this is a very sacred place to me.”

Remaining resilient, Kris tried to stay positive, saying, “Listen, if I can get through the hip replacement, I can get through this. I’m not nervous to be put to sleep. I’m not nervous with Dr. A, she’s the best doctor in the world. But then you go to do it and… it’s so real.”