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Prince William risks Kate Middleton's wrath with latest outing

Zara Tindall seemingly teases Kate Middleton in surprising way

By Web Desk
June 21, 2024
Zara Tindall teases Kate Middleton in surprising way
Zara Tindall teases Kate Middleton in surprising way

Zara Tindall left Kate Middleton little nervous as she enjoyed a playful catch up with her cousin Prince William during their recent outing.

Princess Anne's daughter Zara turned heads as she shared a tender moment with the Prince of Wales at Royal Ascot on Wednesday.

She was seen warmly embracing cancer-stricken Kate's husband William, leaving fans guessing about her candid gesture to the future King.

She was also caught exchanging sweet words with William. A lip reader explained what the pair exchanged during their sweet interaction.

Zara, according to the expert, greeted the Prince with: "Hi, lovely to see you, are you ok?' before William responded with: 'Yes of course I am, it’s wonderful."

However, some fans made hilarious comments about the viral pictures, with one saying: "Oh god! Kate would definitely be teased by this interaction".

"Now, William is answerable to his sweet wife," one joked.

Another chimed in: "William risks Kate's wrath."

Another reacted: "It was a lesson for disgruntle Harry who ditched such a loving and caring people for the one who took his shine away."

Prince William risks Kate Middletons wrath with latest outing

However, some royal fans and commentators hailed Zara for her brilliant move and caring gesture that could help William feel good in the company of his true well-wishers at the time when his wife and father are battling cancer, and his younger brother Harry is keeping himself out of the royal health woes.