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Robert De Niro reveals how he likes to celebrate Father’s Day

Robert De Niro also shares interesting response at the Tribeca Film Festival

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June 16, 2024
Robert De Niro shares interesting response about ideal Fathers Day
Robert De Niro shares interesting response about ideal Father's Day

Robert De Niro has recently explained how he wants to celebrate Father’s Day.

“I just like to have us all together, you know,” she said while replying to a question at the Tribeca Film Festival at Spring Studios in New York City on June 14.

The Godfather II actor stated, “That's the ideal, having them all together [on] Father's Day.”

For the unversed, Robert has seven children including Drena, 56, Raphael, 47, twins Julian and Aaron, 28, Elliot, 26, Helen, 12, and Gia, 14 months.

Elsewhere in the conversation, The Intern actor revealed what he would be doing if he wasn’t in the movie industry.

“I don't know, I wouldn't have a mansion I guess,” he remarked.

The Taxi Driver actor mentioned, “I'm just going to keep going.

To note, Robert earned an Academy Award nomination for best performance by an actor in a supporting role for his 2023’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

Earlier in January 2020, the actor shared wise words with his children, saying, “For my kids, I tell them, ‘If you want to be an actor or you want to do this or that, that’s fine as long as you’re happy. Just don’t sell yourself short.’”

“That’s the most I would say — push yourself a little more and reach for what you really think it is you want to do. Don’t be afraid,” he added. “It’s important for them to find their own lane,” he added.